A better life

The traffic in cities is constantly worsening; queues are growing and both noise and emissions are increasing. 

At the same time, parking costs, escalating petrol prices, tolls and other taxes take up a larger part of our budget. Our cities are becoming packed, while we – the inhabitants – set higher and higher demands on quality of life for our children and ourselves.  





In light of this, we wish to offer a real economical and environmentally friendly alternative to today’s cars - an urban electric vehicle, developed specifically for traffic in urban areas. Modern production methods and fewer parts lead to better operational safety and more environmentally friendly production. A lower weight gives reduced energy consumption and excellent performance. Parking a Buddy requires the smallest of spaces, freeing urban space for other uses. The Buddy will give both you and your city a better life.


Your environment. Your safety.

The Scandinavian Buddy is specially tested in tough winters, giving a full focus on operational safety and quality. In addition, evidence suggests that you develop a calmer and less aggressive driving style behind the wheel of a Buddy, providing yourself with the best insurance against the primary cause of accidents – dangerous driving. With a top speed of 80 km/h – and acceleration from 0 to 50 in seven seconds – you will still be able to manoeuvre quickly and smoothly through the cityscape.  


Energy and power.

The Buddy utilizes energy almost four times more effectively than a petrol car, and is therefore extremely energy efficient. The maintenance free batteries can be charged anywhere, irrespective of battery capacity. The only thing you need is a normal socket outlet (16 A). 



As a zero emission vehicle, all you feel from the Buddy is the rush of clean air as it passes by. And because the Buddy runs quietly, you will also spare your surroundings for noise.



A zero emission vehicle becomes even more environmentally friendly when produced in an environmentally friendly way. The Buddy’s construction requires very few but durable parts and much less energy to produce than ordinary small cars. 



The Buddy is registered for three persons and is surprisingly spacious considering the modest external measurements. At just 2.43 metres in length and with a handy turning radius, the Buddy is exceptionally easy to manoeuvre and can be parked sideways. 


Buddy provides a better life for you and your city.


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