A small electric city vehicle

Buddy has a frame and safety cage in galvanized steel. The body is made from robust plastic material, synthetic Telene.

The Buddy does not therefore need any anti-rust treatment.


The batteries are maintenance free. The new generation of nickel metal hybrid batteries are guaranteed for 10 years use or 100 000 km, depending on which happens first. The battery capacity corresponds to a distance of 60-120 km depending on weather conditions, terrain and not least the driver.




For city use the Buddy has enough power to reach a maximum speed of 80 km/hour. A small electric vehicle like the Buddy often surprises you with its speed and easy manoeuvring in the traffic. 


The Buddy is constructed both to protect the driver and passengers in the vehicle and the pedestrians on the street. Statistics show that far fewer serious accidents happen in the cities and that those who are most vulnerable are outside the vehicles. The Buddy’s bright colour and appearance make the vehicle easily visible. 


The Buddy is approved by EU, classified as a quadro-cycle (EU homologation L7e). To drive a Buddy you need a standard driving licence.


The Buddy is approved for 3 adults but is most comfortable when one or two of the passengers are children or young people.  


Technical specifications

  • Seats: 3
  • Seat belts: three-point in all three seats, with integrated headrests
  • Length: 244 cm.
  • Width: 149 cm.
  • Height: 151 cm. 
  • Wheelbase: 155 cm.
  • Wheel track: 135 cm.
  • Turning radius: 485 cm.
  • Weight (without/ with batteries): 400/650 kg.
  • Maximum load capacity incl. passengers: 200 kg.
  • Boot volume: 150 l.
  • Boot area: 94 X 44 cm.
  • Type of engine: SepEx 72V DC drive
  • Motor performance: 18 hk / 13 kW
  • Transmission: Gear transmission with back wheel drive and differential; constant gear ratio1:7; electronic reversing gear
  • Top speed: 80 km/h
  • Acceleration: 0-50 km/h in approx.. 7 sec.
  • Rim: Aluminium rims 4Jx13 (max 5.5x13)
  • Tyre: 135 (145) / BOR13
  • Air pressure: 2.7 bar/ 39 psi
  • Brakes: Regenerative brakes for increased range. Disc brakes on all wheels. Diagonal 2-circuit system. Handbrake on rear wheels.
  • Body: Telene RIM plastic
  • Safety cage: Galvanized high-strength steel safety cage
  • Batteries: Maintenance free nickel metal hydride (NiMh), 12 blocks each 10 cells with 1.2V connected in parallel, 72V series, delivering 200 Ah (C1)
  • Charging time: 0-100% in 8-10 hours; 30-95% in 5 hours
  • Charger: Zivan NG3 22A with floatcharge of battery function 1A
  • Range: 60 -120 km depending on weather and driving conditions, temperature, topography, driving style and the batteries’ lifecycle
  • Heater: For diesel/ paraffin, effect up to 2.200W. Eberspächer Airtronic D2
  • Tow bar: Maximum allowed pulled weight on public roads is 200Kg according to EU approval